Sortera LLC uses a variety of resources to assist people and businesses in their productive spaces. This information is evolving as new research, science, apps, and products become available to make life and your life’s work easier and more efficient. Check back for updates on the latest and greatest in organizing solutions and self care tools.



An ergonomic setup is one of the most important aspects of any workspace. While sitting for too long can be a major health issue, it has only recently been recognized as such. Sortera LLC makes ergonomics a priority—including finding a well-fitted chair or standing desk and implementing techniques to remind clients to stretch throughout the day. Whether you are in need of a more systematic setup for production of your product or tailoring your desk space to fit your work flow, there are a number of resources available - check out Workplace Resource of Oregon and Fully for local resources.



Something seemingly as minor as lighting can make a world of difference in your workspace. Sortera LLC works with you to accommodate both the natural light available in your space and consider ways to enhance with additional lighting, all with sustainability in mind. Several local resources include Sunlan Lighting, Inc. and Schoolhouse Electric.



Any line of work requires focus, dedication, and balance, which is why Sortera LLC works with clients to make the connection between their life’s work and the mind, body, and soul. While meditation is not for everyone, finding time and a way each day to dedicate to yourself makes your work that much more fulfilling and far-reaching. Sortera LLC likes to help clients, who are interested, find the right fit for more mindfulness, relaxation, and gratitude in their lives. Tools such as the Calm and Headspace apps can help allow for as little as 10 minutes of meditation each day in the comfort of your home. Yoga with Adriene provides free yoga workouts for the home (or home office).